I’m a Journalist based in Suffolk, UK. I am the Editor of Suffolk Reporter, my own news website. On this blog, I will post about my personal thoughts and opinions, some of them on news stories. Therefore, the views expressed on here are my own, they are not an endorsement, and may not be the views held by any news institutions I have or shall work for.

I may also post blogs and stories which I do not class as news, but are still newsworthy in the broader sense of the term. I will be blogging mainly about mobile phones and motorsport, as I am a petrolhead and mobile technology geek, but I will also be blogging about local beer festivals and breweries – as I am also a CAMRA Volunteer (Campaign for Real Ale).

In my spare time, which I class as away from my life as a journalist and away from my blog, I am a poet and short story writer, and enjoy taking photographs and later editing them to the look and feel of professional photography – all of which you can check out at my other sites below:

Twitter: ChrisJKenworthy

Poetry: ChrisJKenworthy Poetry

VSCO photos: vsco.co/chrisjk


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