Battery Saver modes, and a ‘realisation’ (MNP: Revisited)

In relation to my previous post on things I’d like to change about my Galaxy S7, I also recently realised why my HTC Desire Eye was suffering from performance issues near the end of its tenure as my primary/daily driver.

What should’ve been obvious while using Battery Saver modes, was that CPU usage was reduced in order to increase battery life.

Recently, I switched this off, and had a mini-epiphany. While performance is not as good as my flagship Samsung Galaxy S7, it’s also not archaic. In fact, as a daily driver it would be manageable. I guess I always used Battery Saver because I wanted a longer battery life, but never really considered what the phone was doing in order to give me that something extra.

I deactivated Battery Saver mode as a test, and so far it’s been okay. Also, it’s not like I need the extra battery life, now that I’m not carrying the Desire Eye around with me everywhere I go, as my main device.

But it’s useful to know that, especially as I explore the options regarding my next phone, just what is is that I’m sacrificing while in Battery Saver mode to increase battery life between charges. Essentially, the phone’s performance under a heavy workload.

That said, my Galaxy S7 has not experienced any of the problems in Battery Saver modes that I experienced with my Desire Eye almost 2 years ago. I’ve managed to type this blog with no problems whatsoever, whereas I was almost unable to do just that on my Desire Eye with Battery Saver mode turned on.

I guess that’s the difference between a flagship and a mid-range phone. Interesting…

– Chris JK.


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