The Sad Demise of my Windows Phone (My Next Phone: Revisited)

Up until recently, my Nokia Lumia 820 had been working flawlessly, with no problems. This is despite it being on the older Windows Phone 8.1 OS, not the newer Windows 10 Mobile.

Although I have my old HTC Desire Eye as my 2nd/backup device, I kept my Lumia 820 because it offered a different experience altogether. It offered the ‘Windows experience,’ one that I knew and trusted and lived when it was my main device.

However, recent changes in app support, namely Twitter and Facebook updating their app APIs to no longer support this OS, means that, apart from email (which I already check on my Android devices), it has now been rendered completely useless.

I was semi-okay with losing access to Facebook Messenger, but Facebook and Twitter themselves? Hmm, I wasn’t quite ready to stop using it.

Maybe it’s because I loved the phone and the experience it offered, that I’ve kept it and used it. But when your favourite services stop support for older systems, even if you no longer use them primarily, it seems such a shame to write off my Lumia 820 when it still functions fantastically, and just as it did from new.

Apps support, or lack thereof, was originally the reason I moved on from WP8 to Android. If I’d traded in my Lumia 820 at the time, I probably would’ve earned myself a cool Β£20 or Β£30 discount on my newer phone. But I didn’t, and I kept my Nokia just in case.

I’m still desperately trying to keep it going – the battery certainly hasn’t given up yet – but as more and more services stop supporting the Windows Phone/Mobile OS platform, I fear it won’t be long before I can no longer do anything with it. Not even to check my emails.

Maybe now is the time to move on, to stop looking at the past through red-tinted spectacles and give it up. I dunno, maybe I don’t want to get rid of the past just yet.

It won’t be my last Nokia device – of that, I’m sure. Especially given the recent re-launch of Nokia by HMD, with Android phones aplenty in their lineup.

2018 has already been an interesting year for them. Nokia 7 Plus. Nokia 8 Scirocco. Nokia 9. Nokia 10. (Not sure if those latter 2 exist, yet!) All these are options, though, for my next phone.


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