Galaxy S7: Short Review (My Next Phone: Revisited)

I wrote this a while ago, but it didn’t seem right to leave it in drafts, so I’ve updated it and here it is. Enjoy!

4 April 2017: If you’ve been following the My Next Phone mini-series, I searched for the perfect phone, and found it in the Samsung Galaxy S7. Running Android 6 out of the box in December 2016, it had a lot of features that other phones just didn’t have until the release of Android 7.

In April 2017, my S7 received the Android 7 Nougat update, and now, in July 2018, its running Android 8 Oreo. Yes, 2 months before Google is set to release the yet unnamed Android 9 P to the world.

I went for the S7 when I did not just because I was near the end of my contract, but because I knew the S7 would be cheaper seeing as the newer S8 was due to be released.

2 years on, and we now have the S9 as well. I know there’s a lot of people who are only interested in the latest tech, but the S7 is still more than capable of handling daily tasks. Yeah, so it has big bezels and a Super AMOLED screen at the old 16:9 ratio – not something that bothers me, as it’s big enough and yet still small enough for me to hold and use one-handed. I also know people would prefer the S7 Edge to the lower model – not me, because I loved the feel of the S7, whereas the S7 Edge felt too sharp in the hand. It didn’t have nice curves.

So if you splurged on the S9, or S8, yes, you’d get the body and the larger screen, an almost bezel-less design, and more screen real estate to play around with, considering the picture aspect ratio on the S8 was 18.5:9.

Most phones released in 2018 are guilty of 2 things: the bigger aspect ratio within a bezel-less design, and a cheap iPhone X notch copy.

But the S8 and S9 are now selling at a premium cost, too. Something you don’t get with the S7. Also, and this goes without saying for some, it doesn’t have Bixby, Samsung’s new voice assistant – or the button! There’s also no Dex, it’s version of desktop computing by simply hooking your phone up to a monitor, Γ‘ la Microsoft Continuum…

But, the S7 is still a great phone, and shouldn’t be treated as anything less than what it still is – a flagship phone. Just an older model, by 2 years… that’s all.

– Chris JK.


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