My Next Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7

Yep. I went for the S7. I actually made the decision last week, but I’ve been busy trying to get used to it and get it set up.

I know this blog series, My Next Phone, was supposed to lead up to a decision around January 8th, but after some last minute negotiations with my network/carrier, I walked away with a great deal for a great phone.

For me, the deciding factor in the end was slow-motion video. In fact, any video recording. My HTC Desire Eye can shoot slo-mo, but it’s very poor quality. After a quick look at sample videos on YouTube from other users, I was disappointed to see that the Huawei P9’s slow motion videos were just as bad. I had my heart set on the P9, and this was heart-breaking.

My heart said Huawei P9… and yet I knew the Galaxy S7 was more practical for a journalist.

My heart said Huawei P9. I loved everything about it: the build, that polished iPhone space grey look, the dual lens setup, the Emotion UI (EMUI) that was just a little bit different and had that polished blur look to it.

…and yet I knew the S7 was more practical for a journalist. I could hear that little voice called Practicality saying that the Galaxy S7 was better at everything. Dual lens setup? How about superior light sensitivity and higher resolution video? No OIS on the P9? What about image and video Stabilisation as standard on the S7?

The S7 seemed to be a great all-rounder, and while I went against my morals on impressive high specs with this one, I still feel like I’ve walked away with a device that does what I want, and in a good way.

Plus, I can make use of the higher resolution of the slow motion video to capture another side of life, something I hope to do as a journalist.

Although I’ve already made my decision, which is what this blog series was supposed to be leading up to, I am still committed to this blog series. I will continue to upload my thoughts on each of the remaining areas of a smartphone that I think are relevant, and shall include a hands-on review of the S7; even if it means that, along the way, I find that the Galaxy S7 wasn’t the best device available.

Why am I continuing? Firstly, I enjoy writing, but I now firmly believe in what I said at the beginning of this blog series: finding your next phone is a personal journey. From an initial list of considerations, to a shortlist of devices, phone comparisons, and then the decision itself. You never know where you might end up…


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