CAMRA Pub Surveying #2 – Dunwich and Aldeburgh

Over the past few weeks I’ve been helping out with the surveying of pubs for next year’s Good Beer Guide, where we fill out a survey form and description of each pub, voted for by CAMRA members, suitable for the Guide.

Dunwich Ship

The week before last, we started at the Dunwich Ship (above). It was so satisfying, in the darkness of the night, to see the Southwold lighthouse in action about 5 miles away, and to hear the waves crashing on Dunwich beach not far away from the pub.

The Westleton White Horse Inn was next on our list, where we met landlord and former Brookside actor Rob Spendlove. We were given a tour of their cellar to see how they kept the beer barrels, and also took turns at ringing-the-bull.

Westleton cellar

Ringing-the-bull is an old pub game where you attempt to swing a bull’s nose ring (attached via string to the ceiling) onto a hook normally on a bull’s head, or in this case, screwed onto the wall.

Ring the Bull and Pub

Then it was off to the Eastbridge Eels Foot Inn where folk band The Trembling Wheelbarrows were in full swing…

We also had our photo taken with a trophy hand-pump, which was awarded to the pub for being Adnams’ Best Kept Cellar.

Group photo at Eels Foot Inn

Last week we visited three pubs in and around the coastal town of Aldeburgh. You may know Aldeburgh either by its superb fish and chips, or by the distinct shell statue on the beach.

Starting at the White Hart Inn in the main street, where we warmed up next to the crackling coal fire, we managed to include a visit to both the Railway Inn and the Greyhound Freehouse in the village of Pettistree.

Hopefully this week we’ll go to my favourite Suffolk pub, the Wheelhouse in Naughton (near Wattisham airfield – I used to call in for a pint after Air Cadets), but for now, I shall leave you with the warmth of that coal fire…

Aldeburgh White Hart Inn - crackling fire .GIF created using Nokia Cinemagraph app for Windows Phone 8.

Aldeburgh White Hart Inn – crackling fire .GIF created using Nokia Cinemagraph app for Windows Phone 8.

Chris K.


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