Paint Vs Foam – Refreshers Week 2014

What do you think is the best thing about a student night out at Liquid Envy nightclub? The loud music? Drunkenness? Going out with your mates? Yep all those, and then some…

group photo

The paint versus foam night at Liquid was the best way to start the semester and reconvene the mad mayhem of Monday night partying. Sadly, this will be my last year at university. It was time to start the beginning of the end…

me luke ed

I think the white sleeve on my jacket painted green shows I had a good time, and I certainly didn’t hold back when the tunes started booming. As if this was my last ever time on the dance floor, I danced like I’d never danced before.

me and Trillo

Being back on the dance floor with my mates was a return to normality after the Christmas break, and one that sealed in my mind forever, the memories of good times had at university. As Flo-Rida says, Let The Good Times Roll…

Chris K.


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