Literature Christmas Drinks

Drinking with my classmates on a rainy Thursday evening, at Isaacs On The Quay, at the end of the semester, makes up for all those moments when literature just wasn’t enough. I have enjoyed my English Literature degree, but as with any form of studying, it’s easy to get bogged down in a lonely mountain of papers and theoretical texts…

Insanity Claus Christmas ale - Briarbanks Brewery

Away from the endless studying, it was nice to catch up on life with my classmates and to talk to some of the first year students. The course is constantly changing, meaning the first years are doing interesting modules that I never got the chance to study, so it was nice to discuss the texts they have been analysing.

crisps - snacks

On the night I had two nice pints of Briarbank’s Insanity Claus Christmas ale at 6%, which was enough to get me into the Christmas spirit. I still had to type up a summary of my dissertation for submission early the next day, but as soon as I got back home I turned up the volume of my Christmas CD to speed things up a little. Nothing gets an essay done quicker than a bit of festive spirit… 🙂

Life is a pint...

Because Life is a Pint…



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