Last Night Out #2 – The Week Before Christmas

Do you remember my blog post from last week, when I had initially said that our usual Monday night shenanigans would be the last of 2013? Fortunately, being a student means you end up saying ‘Last Night Out’ every time you leave your student flat…NYEB group photo 2

After enjoying the CAMRA meeting on Tuesday night, I had promised my mates that I would meet up with them in Ransome’s, although because the meeting had overrun, my arrival was pushed back even further… oops :/

Eventually I met with my mates at Wetherspoons, but by that point I’d already had two pints of ale. I wasn’t drunk, but let’s just say another two pints of ale at Wetherspoons didn’t really help. Still, at least we were enjoying ourselves…

NYEB group photo 3

It was nice to see my mates just one last time before they all went home for Christmas, but the night wouldn’t have been complete without a trip round to New York Exchange Bar for a Jägerbomb, and to Istanbul’s for a juicy cheeseburger with cheese…

And what better way to wake up for a 9.30am lecture the next day, than with a sausage baguette and extra-large coffee at Café Marina? Perfect…

Café Marina breakfast



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