Ipswich Town vs Barnsley, Portman Road

At the Fresher’s Week fair, Ipswich Town Football Club had been there giving away tickets (yes, for free!) for the Ipswich versus Barnsley match on 1 November. Well, that match was last night. It was also televised on Sky Sports, but being an Ipswich fan myself, I got my shirt on, my scarf and my woolly hat, and went to see the match…

It was an exciting game, especially during the first forty-five minutes when Ipswich looked strong in their attacking formation. It took them about 42 minutes to score the first goal of the game, after numerous headers had gone flying over the crossbar.


We had all gone together to see the match and were sitting behind the goal in the Sir Alf Ramsey Stand. As this was my first game in a while, I wanted to remember it by purchasing a match-day programme. There was a nice poster inside too, so that will be going up on my wall shortly.

Unfortunately, I knew Ipswich Town’s playing style, and the second half was a return to our woeful form as we struggled to keep hold of our lead. When Barnsley equalized, it was so quiet you could actually hear the Barnsley fans cheering from the opposite stands.

half time

Then we struggled to keep it at 1-1. The Ipswich defence just seemed to fall asleep, not even bothering to clear the ball. The goalkeeper slipped over a lot, which made me nervous.

The last few minutes we actually pushed a lot, and everyone was chanting Ipswich on. I reckon if we’d had another ten minutes we may have sneaked another goal in, but it just wasn’t to be. Hopefully we can get our defence sorted out for the next game.

A night out would not be complete without a pint, so we all went round to the Dove and I had a pint of one of their finest ales, the Dove ITFC…




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