England vs Lithuania (Under 21’s)

beginning- teams line up

On Tuesday the England Under 21’s game against Lithuania came to Portman Road. We had all bought tickets in advance, sitting in the higher levels of the Cobbold Stand, which is just out of sight in the highlights video below (by FATV).

It has been a while since I last went to a live football match, and that was Ipswich Town versus Hull City, back in the 2010/11 season. One of my mates was from Hull and we had both gone, albeit on opposite sides of the ground, to see who would have the bragging rights as the victor. If I remember correctly, it was a draw…

Having not attended a live match in a while, let alone this being my first England match, I was unsure what to expect. To my surprise, an early two-minute goal sent shockwaves through the local crowd, with some 17,000 spectators in attendance.

game begins

The goals kept coming, and it was clear to see who would potentially be the stars of the future (Morrison, Zaha, Ward-Prowse), as England kept their nerve to pull off a 5-0 win. Some of my photographs were shaky, but I just couldn’t hold the camera steady whilst celebrating the goals!

second half 5-0 penalty

It was a sensational experience, one I’m sure I won’t forget, and I don’t think Ipswich will either. Afterwards, we all went over to Cult Café Bar to watch Gerrard and Rooney score and give England a 2-0 win over Poland, all while I was enjoying a Suffolk Beef Burger and a pint of ale.


scoreboard end


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