Shotley: Paradise

A view from ShotleyYesterday I went to Shotley, a small village not far away from Ipswich. If you ever get the chance to go there as a student, on a bus or by walking or cycling, then do! With its’ own marina similar to those in Ipswich waterfront, there are a few benches and a grass verge where you can just sit and watch the calm waves brush up onto the small beach.

Overlooking the port of Felixstowe it is an ideal location to watch the bustling action of one of Europe’s biggest container ports whilst sunbathing near to the water’s edge. It’s my idea of a budget, student holiday; no need for a passport, no plane ticket to Spain, just a short bus ride to the sea-front.

If I haven’t sold it for you yet, there’s a pub near the marina and lock gates called the Shipwreck. They sell beer and a ploughman’s lunch (they didn’t steal it!). There’s also a small ferry which can take you over to Harwich (I am yet to do this – sunbathing is too addictive).

Shotley Shipwreck

Shotley Shipwreck

All in all, it only cost me about £10 for a bus ride and a few pints. What’s more, you could cycle from Ipswich waterfront and through some of the most picturesque countryside in the whole of Suffolk on your way to Shotley, and then if you’ve had too many drinks, get the bus back.

For me, it’s a perfect day out. After all, Paradise is what you make it…

Shotley Marina



3 thoughts on “Shotley: Paradise

  1. Hey Chris, how much is the bus from Ipswich to Shotley and / or Felixstowe ? And how far is Shotley from Felixstowe?


    • If you’re going from Ipswich to Shotley catch an Ipswich Buses service, specifically Routes 98/202 (Standard fare £1.80).

      You’re probably better going on the train from Ipswich to Felixstowe £4.10 for an anytime ticket, although you can go on the bus if you wish.

      Shotley is on opposite side of Orwell river to Felixstowe. There is a small passenger ferry running between Shotley, Felixstowe and Harwich, so you could get the bus to Shotley and then on to Felixstowe.

      Hope this helps 🙂


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