My 22nd Birthday

There it was… gone; my 22nd birthday was over before I could really enjoy it. Thank you for all the birthday messages! As usual with my birthdays, the feeling of being a year older only sunk in the day afterwards. Unlike other people, who set New Year’s resolutions, I always set myself some goals for the year ahead…

Birthday Cake

My 22nd birthday has provided me with a point of reflection, a plot on the map of my life, where I can say that as a 21 yr old, I restored my social life and I put myself out there to face new challenges and to meet new people, some of whom are now my best mates.

my birthday presents :)

my birthday presents 🙂

Being 21 never really mattered in terms of age, but it was a year spent maturing in my attitude towards life. After my grandma passed away, I had plenty of support from my university tutors to complete my essays and to get my life back on the racing circuit (sorry, I’m a fan of motorsport), but it took me most of last year to eradicate my negative attitude.

Without wanting to delve into the fictional sub-worlds that co-exist in my life and in the stories that I write, I felt like I was on a mission to save myself from the evil claws of a cage, trapped and locked away from society, forgotten and therefore rotting at the bottom of a large pit, covered and hidden by many layers of ground.

Mates like Thrillo, Raj and Luke (to name but a few) helped me to enjoy myself, restoring my inner happiness, because without them, I probably would have quit university altogether…

The George pub, Hintlesham

The George pub, Hintlesham

So I’ve turned 22… I had a nice meal out with my family at The George pub in Hintlesham, a village just outside Ipswich. I recommend going there, the food was excellent and as a Suffolk boy I certainly like my pies, especially the homemade Beef and Ale Pie I had last night.

With fudge at my side, here’s to another few years!



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