Driving: Theory Test

theory test questionYou’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a while? I’ve been head down in books revising for my driving Theory Test. Well, actually, I looked at the books the night before. I’ve been having tuition an hour every week, driving around Ipswich and learning about all the hazards of urban areas.

I didn’t do what most of my schoolmates did, taking their theory and driving tests during A-levels, most importantly because I couldn’t afford the tuition fees. Not only am I taking the lessons out of interest, but it helps that I will be able to drive; there should be more employment opportunities as well (but no guarantees!).

Driving lessons helped me to prepare for the theory test questions and the hazard perception test; during the latter stage the computer shows you a few movie clips of real situations and it is basically scored on your response time, which you’ll soon pick up during driving lessons.

hazard perceptionI bet it’s been bugging you to know whether or not I passed? Well, I passed both sections of the theory test; the theory questions were relatively easy, and I had downloaded a few apps for my phone to help me with the hazard perception test, so simply applying my newly-acquired quick response times to the official test videos helped a lot.

Credit to Gemma for the idea for this photo!

Credit to Gemma for the idea for this photo!

Now, it’s time to relax a little bit, book my practical test, enjoy the sun, and congratulate myself with a pint of ale.



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