UCS Open Day, Mates, & Waiting for Essay Results

New York Exchange Bar

At 4.15am in the morning I looked out of my window. It wasn’t quite sunrise, but I could see a haze over central Ipswich. One or two cars went past our student accommodation every now and then, their noise suppressed by a cool breeze. It was nice to sometimes just sit there, by my window, listening to garden birds tweet their hearts out in the parks nearby.

At 9.15am, I’ll be walking over to the waterfront building in my student ambassador uniform. It has been a while since I last worked at an open day, so it will be interesting to see what has changed and to enjoy some more ambassador work. I have enjoyed my time as a student ambassador, and will hopefully do more for my university next year now that my weekly schedule has calmed down a bit.

There were just over 100 prospective students here yesterday. It was nice to see so many new faces, and to talk to people with different interests who are hoping to study here next year. Doing my campus tour and portraying life as a student helped to take my mind off essays, as the past few weeks have been a bit tantalizing as essay results arrive in dribs and drabs.

Thrillo foam

Thrillo foam

I suppose it’s the part about not knowing your result that drags me down, but I am uplifted when I get the chance to go out with mates again. Therefore, we all went out on Monday night and, as this photo on the right shows, the foam party at Liquid certainly gave us a night to cherish and remember over the long summer break. I sure am going to miss them and the Gracious #Princesses over the summer, even if it is only 2-3 months.



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