#FridayNightFever and the #Hangover

…you know when you wake up and start piecing together the events of last night? Right… what happened last night? Something I remember was mixing drinks I don’t normally touch if I can help it, so it probably wasn’t the best idea in the world to actually have those drinks. I seem to recall eating burgers? Also, I danced with the babes from Baywatch? Oh, what happened?


Well, it seems the camera on my phone has come to the rescue. A valiant effort from my phone has helped me in piecing together such an eventful night. Now it is starting to make sense; it all started when Raj said he was going home for the summer. That must’ve triggered some clever but idiotic idea to absolutely wreak havoc with our livers.


What resulted was a few card games where my ale was considered vile. Then, for some reason, we marched through the streets to Liquid where the beach party was well underway. Except, I had forgotten about the beach party and had dressed in almost-winter clothes.

dancing TWEET

some of my pals from Stowmarket High School

some of my pals from Stowmarket High School

I have read somewhere recently (probably on Twitter) that dancing is good for your health, so naturally #Thrillo and I took to the podium for a few hours. I know I’m from Suffolk, and the nightlife in Ipswich is definitely better than the town where I come from, but I didn’t expect to see some old high-school buddies in the crowd. I went down to say hello… a photo for the memories!

Cafe Marina (Source: Google Maps)

Cafe Marina (Source: Google Maps)

If you’re ever clueless what to do when you start having your hangover (and trust me, you probably will have one), a must-visit is Café Marina. It is on the corner of Athena Hall as you drive into the car park, and we’ve had their set breakfasts before.



Sadly we didn’t go this morning, but that was probably because I forgot to send a text message to everyone; I woke up at 11am (2 hours late), only to realise that someone had switched my alarm clocks off. As I’m the only person in my bedroom, I’m going to assume that I turned them off whilst sleeping, since I clearly remember setting the alarms. Another disappointment was probably that the #GraciousKellyPrincesses ♥ weren’t rocking the dancefloor last night 😥

Right… coffee black (because I can’t be bothered to walk to the kitchen and get some milk)! And now my laptop decides it’s gonna have a fit (I know how you feel, you worthless junk of scrap metal and technology).



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