#FootballCenturions and #UCS #SummerBall 2013

Football Centurions

Football Centurions, after its long delay, finally happened on the night of the England vs Ireland match. Unfortunately we were too far gone to even care about the score, and our drunkenness lasted for another few hours as we battled in a four-way match on FIFA. Trust me, if you’re ever watching a sports event, drinking only adds to the fun. Its also a great way to spend time with mates after you’ve finished your exams and essays.


But the main event of the month was last Saturday… “Red carpet on the market square, I’ve had my photo taken about 7 times already, and I’ve got a champagne glass in one hand, texting this with the other”. Yep, it was the first ever Summer Ball for University Campus Suffolk, and it was situated in the heart of Ipswich town hall.

UCS-S.U. awardsThe night started upstairs in a rather extravagant hall with an awards evening for members of the students’ union. After a few glasses of champagne, we headed downstairs where more students were arriving and dancing along to the music bands.

For once, it was nice to look around and see everyone dressed for the occasion, in ironed suits, shirts, ties and polished shoes (well, mine were polished anyway!).

Naturally, my Men In Black replica glasses only emphasized my coolness in a suit, and had an appealing effect on some of the other students. I was able to flirt with ease… maybe my glasses have superpowers?

Thrillo busted his moves again on the dancefloor and even caught the attention of a cameraman; if you ever see a dancing Hitman in a video, that was Thrillo! His moves wowed the crowd, to the extent that others were impressed. (I don’t think I shall mention my dancing for fear of embarrassment).

Town 102’s Dave James, Radio 1’s Huw Stephens and video DJ Beat-A-Maxx were out on stage during the night to keep us dancing, even though we were all too drunk to dance!

MIB and Hitman

There was a fantastic Indian buffet supplied by local restaurant A Passage to India (www.apassagetoindiaipswich.co.uk) and drinks were aplenty, ranging from local ales to cocktails and spirits. There was a rodeo-bull machine as well, but I opted out because I was too drunk to, ahem, concentrate 😀

The Summer Ball was the first of its kind in Ipswich, and hopefully will be bigger and better next year. Its got a lot to live up to, and this year’s was definitely a night I will remember for a long time to come…



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