Open Days: that ‘Bonding’ feeling

Get to know your landlord. If you decide to live at Athena Hall, don’t be scared to also get to know the security guards! That’s what we did for 3 hours one night. We came back from the club at 2am and went up to the desk to talk to the security guard… 2 hours later we glanced at our watches and thought ‘have we really been talking for 2 hours?’

Something I always tell students on a campus tour is something that I was told way back when I was doing my GCSEs. One of my teachers said that you have to ‘bond’ with the university (bare with me on this one!): when you come to UCS, you have to look at yourself and ‘feel’ like a student. Does this feel like home for you?

Panoramic view of UCS Waterfront & Athena Hall [cropped]

Panoramic view of UCS Waterfront & Athena Hall [cropped]

There’s got to be a personal connection, almost like when you’re making friends; if you don’t feel that bonding feeling, then move on… that’s how I decided to come here. When I first came to the Ipswich campus 4 years ago as a prospective student, my main reason for coming here was the course structure of the English degree.

When all the important details had been covered (course, accommodation, applying for finance etc.), I was then able to concentrate on that bonding feeling. Did I feel like a student when I strolled in and out of those swivelling doors? Did I feel at home with the course? Could I familiarise with the image in my mind, the metaphorical painting, which portrayed me as a UCS student…?

Get to know your university. Open days aren’t for the university’s benefit, they’re for you to take the “could I be a student at this university” feeling for a test drive. Trust me, without that secret ‘bond’, that personal feeling inside my heart, I wouldn’t have come here!



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