Student at the Centre of the Universe

2 weeks ago… it is the weekend, and finally I get my keys!! I meet my flatmates… and I learn about the difference in cultures between my flatmates and myself.

Today: (Sunday)
So, it is my first day… the day I moved-in to my student flat, the day before my induction lecture, the day my emotions are saddened, and I am left wandering in the metaphorical world described only as my brain as I search for an excusable explanation regarding my sadness. I have left home and my parents for the first time… I have officially ‘started’ my life, I am living on my own now… no Mum or Dad to rush me to bed.

However, and rather suddenly, after about five minutes of sitting in my room watching my Dad’s car turn the corner and travel down the road out of sight, my sadness is replaced by the eagerness to ‘be a student’. I decided to open my door and introduce myself again to my fellow flatmates, and find that just talking to them eases my insecurities about living on my own with strange new faces. I have only been here for an hour, I haven’t even had any lectures or seminars, and yet already I feel like a ‘proper’ student.

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